What Is Essential Rewards??

What is Essential Rewards to me? Hello, this is my monthly box of goodness! You choose the date to ship and exactly what you desire. Delivered straight to your front door. That is a super convenient perk. You get free ER points you can redeem the points on what you would like. Being able to choose gifts is exciting. At least it is to me.

Young Living recently revamped this awesome program. It is even better.You get gifts at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month increments.

This percentage you earn off your order increases with time. Talk about exciting!!

Months 1-3 you will earn 10%
Months 4-24 you will earn 20%
Months 25+ you will earn 25% (that’s exactly where I am at)

Let’s break this down in a simple example. Say you order the ER minimum of 50PV each month, for a year. You will earn 15 points on your order in months 1-3 and 90 points on your order in months 4-12…so for that year, by just doing the minimum, you will have earned 105 points. That is $105 in FREE product!! You better believe I can spend that $105 on a little “me” gift.

3 months – 5 ml Peppermint essential oil / 6 months – 5 ml Thieves essential oil

9 months – Breath Again Roll on

12 month – Special Exclusive Loyalty Blend Created by Gary Young himself. This is exclusive only to those on Essential Rewards for 12 Consecutive Months.

How; It is only 50 PV min is all you need to stay on E.R. This awesome program whether or not you want to     pursue the business side of Young Living. If you are doing the business, remember that there is a 100 PV minimum to collect ER. Commission. Super easy. To redeem your points to receive free products, you can get anything that is equal PV to dollar amount. You will see it in your Virtual office, it is easy. You can even split points if you want to cover some of your ER points and pay for the rest, you can totally do this.

One really great thing about this program is there is no cancellation fee!! Nothing happens if you jump onto ER and need or want to get off of it. I can’t for any reason why you would want to unless your budget became an issue. If you get off of it there is no contract you sign, it’s not hard to get off of it, you’re not stuck into anything. No worries there. That was something I was concerned for myself when I first got started. You choose your date it process each month, can change what is included I your box up until the date it processed. If you decide you want more of something or less of something, or even something else you can just change what is included. You can have a different date each month which is great. You can even skip it for a month, you just start over with the percentage. Good news is that once you jump right back in, you start right back at the 10%. It is so great!

Why Not; There is not a good reason NOT to jump on ER. If you’re going to be ordering anything from Young Living in the month, you might as well be on ER and get those points back for it. Just jump on even for a month that you need to and see how you like it. I think you’re going to love it and I am so excited for you to get to know about this program. Get your monthly wellness box. Let me know if you have any questions and I can’t wait for you to get started.

The Longer You Are On ER The More You Earn…..

The largest benefit of participating in ER is you earn back credits to redeem for free Young Living products.

Please note:  If you decide to cancel your ER order, make sure to redeem your ER credits before you cancel. Your points do expire after one year if you don’t use them.


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