Thanksgiving Is A Time Of Reflection For Me

In our home we love Thanksgiving. As a family we have so much to be thankful for. A time to reflect on the events which transpired this year.

As you can see in the photos today we started off with some fun games. Hannah and Sam enjoy all the board games we have in our home. Today we played Apples to Apples, Dr. Who Clue, and Twister. Yeah, I was the one who did the spinner. Well, someone had to do it…lol

Back in February of this year we had a terrible scare. Our son Sam had his appendix burst. He has a very high tolerance for pain and did not begin complaining until 1.5 weeks later. He had the flu and been not feeling well for 1 day then got better.

We ended up in the emergency room and all the tests began to happen. You see my grandpa died of a burst appendix when my dad was only 5 years old and my aunt Viola had not bee born yet. Visions of terrifying possibilities entered my mind.

My daughter Hannah fell apart, completely overwhelmed that she would lose another brother.

I am happy to say that our son Sam pulled through with the grace of God. He ended up being in the hospital for 1 week to have the infection drained. Then, 2 months later he had the appendix removed. During the entire ordeal we used essential oils to maintain wellness.

The prayers of others and our faith in Christ is what got us through.

Yep, there is much to keep us reminded of His plan and not ours.

What are you going to reflect on this Thanksgiving season?

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