Residual Income

Young Living honestly has the best income opportunity available in the Network Marketing business world. Feel free to click PDF’s below and print them out for your own personal use.

What Is Residual Income?

Just like movies, people continue to watch them and you would continue to get paid for them. For Young Living how do you get the residual income? Someone opens a retail account and buys a bottle of lavender and that was it. You are paid your 24%. Say they continue to buy the Lavender or open a member account and continue to purchase the Lavender to support healthy sleep patterns at a party 20 years ago and they are still purchasing it, your still getting  paid on that bottle of Lavender that is being purchased over and over. What if she buys other oils and products, you get paid on that. Here is the best part…what if she decides to tell her neighbor about that awesome Lavender? Then her neighbor want to use the oils, you teach her how to sign up her neighbor and get paid on the first lady and then the neighbor. Then that one neighbor tells another and another. You get paid on those ladies using the oils. This is residual income. You get paid for work that you do once and how far it spreads.


Income Disclosure


Comp Plan