My Life As A General Contractors Wife

Well hello there!! This is Carol  and I wanted to share with you today what it is like to be the wife of a General Contractor. What is that you ask? My hubby builds new homes, remodels homes, and everything in between. You know, the people (mainly men) who you pay to do all those home type repairs like water heaters, replace windows, door, toilets and yes….more.

I have officially lived in and through 2 home remodels. This is such a dirty task. Dust flying everywhere, having to wear masks while helping my main man redo our home, praying that the DIY will get done quickly. They always take longer due to my hubby having to work all day at other peoples homes then comes home and works on ours.

Have I mentioned yet how blessed, grateful and downright thankful for my man? I am a blessed woman indeed! Abby (that’s his name) is a miracle worker with tearing the old away and magically creating something amazing.

Does Abby have to do all this himself? Nope, I am a low maintenance wife who is not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I helped him with our previous home remodel. This time around when we added 468 sq ft addition 2.5 years ago my teenagers helped too.

Currently we are in the midst of removing laminate flooring in the kitchen, dining room and by the front door. We were so absolutely thrilled by the ugly,horrendous vinyl flooring we just happened to discover. Yeah, not much fun at all. The 4 of use worked hours on getting that nasty vinyl flooring up.

Have you ever talked to yourself out loud?? Oh you know you have. I had to keep saying to myself out loud, “It is going to be beautiful when this is done.” Yep, that is how bad it was scraping it off the cement foundation.

I look at how this fun task has been & the similarity of how the LORD uses people and events, to peel away that outer layer in my own life. Pretty eyeopening! I like how this whole remodel again is a teaching opportunity for myself.

Yes, being the wife of a General Contractor is a blessing. God has given me a hubby that loves his family so much he will work very, very long hours to create a beautiful updated home for his family. Seriously brings me to tears people!

I am so grateful for the life my LORD has given me.

Think about what you are thankful for today…….





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