Limited Time Special – Wellness Kits

5 years ago my family and I discovered essential oils. Little did we know that our lives were going to change in drastic ways.

For the longest time my health was having some issues. I did everything from research, ask people to figure out what the root cause may have been. To my terrible surprise I discovered the ingredients in my food, personal products, makeup and household cleaners were the culprit. The ingredients actually can change the way your body is supposed to function. No wonder my body was screaming out for help.

So, I took simple steps in a positive health direction. I grabbed myself a wellness kit and started making my own household and personal products. Using simple recipes for deodorant, laundry detergent, and bathroom spray. Ditching all the products which I had been using made a big, big difference.

Not only has my health changed for the better my life overall has too. I belong to an amazing community of people who I now call friends due to getting connected with others in Young Living. This is a positive if I do say so myself.

Many individuals and families are discovering better health, enriched lives and financial blessings ( ) 
This is what I get to do. How often do we as individuals get to say this?

Are you familiar with essential oils? Do you know how they can support and maintain wellness? I am here to help guide you to better choices for your individual health support. Could this be the time when you are ready to make a change for yourself or family?

📍July 24th @ 8am MST – July 26th @ 12pm MST 
📍Lantern or Dewdrop Diffuser
🌿Lantern Diffuser PSK Item # 29546D /$157.50 / 90PV
🌿Dew Drop Diffuser PSK Item # 26666D / 148.50 /90PV
🌿New Enrollees only / WhileSupplies Last / Us & NFR only

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