Home is what you make of it



Before we purchased our first home, I discovered how to create a home from my own mindset. It took my hubby and I 10 years of marriage to get our first home. It actually took us four years to find the right place. Some of my friends years ago cringed at this fact. Me, I chose to make the best of it and count it all joy.

This choice took me a while to come to terms with. It was not easy at all one bit. Me, I can totally be stubborn. Plus there were feelings of resentment towards my husband. He was so afraid of buying a home he did not want to buy one. It took me saying some things at the time to light a fire under his bum, which I am not proud of today.

As time went on, the Lord really began to change my heart and his too. You know life is a huge journey filled with unknown things. This was just one of them. Whether you are a wife, mom or single woman life still goes on and events come your way. It is how I was going to react to the situation was going to be the defining moment in my own heart. Honestly, is still struggle with reacting properly. I am getting much, much better. Definitely a work in progress.

As of today, its been over 20 years since our first home was purchased.

Right now we are in a holding pattern to sell our current home.  It’s on the market and we are waiting for the buyer which God has. Actually been praying a year and a half for this person. We have no idea who this is though, our home is already sold.  The Lord has placed all the steps into our path. No denying one single thing that has happened to our family since June 2017! Nope, not at all.

Life has some bumps in it. You know it does.

This spring through a personal development group, I discovered what I was placing in my mind was causing me a lot of grief. I had to make a choice on how to place the proper paradigms into my sub-conscious mind. Choosing to learn from my past and not allow it to drive my daily life has brought me a lot of freedom with my emotions.

I always have been a herb kinda girl. I still use them along with my oils to help keep my mind on the right track. Finding something natural that is safe, not just for myself but for my family too has been a blessing from the Lord.

Are you finding the little blessings in each moment, day that you have been given? If no, start taking those steps for a better life.

You only have one life so live it well.


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