Great Oils To Diffuse In The Winter Months

Using candles was a normal activity for our family 8 years ago. They had the most amazing aromas! Well, so we thought.

I began to do some research on candles and found out they were very safe to use. Many candles had ingredients that were toxic for our health. Discovering this was life changing. I just quit using them all together. We felt as a family this was something that could help our health.

Come May of this year will be 5 years of diffusing the Young Living Essential Oils instead. This decision changed our health for the better. We get to diffuse so many different oils. Yes, there are many choices. Oils to help support mental focus, calming, even vitality oils for cooking and baking with.

I believe people like choices in life. Not being stuck to having to choose one specific thing. I love choices, this is why Young Living fills many needs in my life. My family life is much better overall.

Here are some of my favorite Diffusing recipes:

Young Living continues to bring much value to my life. What value do you think YL could bring into your life? What could it do for you? Tired of health being not where you desire it to be? Finances could be a bit better? Been looking for an incredible community of people who love empowering others with education on oils, personal, household and wellness products?

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