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    I am so happy you are here!! Have you every had those moments in life where that light bulb came on? Discovering an answer you had been looking to find for several years? This happened to me. Every corner I turned, there were still no answers to why my health was not above the wellness line. The answer came to me May 15, 2014 completely out of the blue.
    Do you want to have a better lifestyle of wellness? Have you been searching for answers to the questions you have? It has been a journey, I am still excited everyday to learn more and help others with better resources I can offer. Your not alone in this journey. I will walk besides you all the way.
    I began to search for a natural solution for better, healthier living. This answer came from the chemical free products that Young Living had to offer. I dumped all my chemical laded personal & household products. I began to make my own DIY laundry detergent. Created so many wonderful replacements and incorporate chemical free personal products.
    Young Living is and was the answer for my family. It could be for you too. Simply contact me and we can chat. I am so excited to talk with you.