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Carol Palmer

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    Hey there! I am Carol Palmer. Mom of 3 kids, wife of almost 30 years and always been a more natural wellness use person.

    I always was not empowered with proper knowledge regarding the chemicals in personal & household products. Well, May of 2014 I began to make some amazing discoveries about this. Including what was causing my digestive system to have problems.

    As I took the time to learn about uses of essential oils and what was currently added to the organic and so called natural products, I had a huge wake-up call.

    To my complete dismay the chemicals in my organic and natural personal & household products were the cause of my health issues. Yep, I began changing my household to Young Living chemical free products immediately.

    I found several supplements which promoted wellness in my digestive track. Simply taking steps of switching out 2 -4 products at a time each month to Young Living goodies. Has it worked? You bet it has! This 3.5 year journey so far has been life changing in my & families wellness.

    Not only that, Young Living has brought me an accidental paycheck. What is that? I have become a daily user of the Young Living lifestyle products. Because I just use the products, share my stories with others, educate others with classes and invite the wholesale membership (you like lower prices right?) to others, I have a residual income paycheck.

    In fact, my Silver paycheck which is $850 - $999 currently (see link below for Income Disclosure & Comp Plan) is more than what I was making working in 1 month at the local grocery store several years ago. Yeah, I don't have to be away from my children anymore. Plus, my health is so much better than it ever has been.

    Are you looking for freedom of time, finances, to help others more, better health? My passion is to help others on their own journey and walk alongside with them. Is that you? Just fill out the contact form above. My passion is to help others. Talk to you soon.


    Feel free to Click Here and download & print them out for yourself (Income Disclosure & Compensation Plan).