Active Life

Have you been wondering what great oils or products are good additions to your active life? Hey, I am a mom and at this point in life I use many great things so I can keep up with my teenagers and the current home situation.

So many things can happen in a short amount of time. First, I need to apologize for not blogging here on my website in a while. Life events happen and even the weather can play a part in things.

You see, we have our home up for sale and this can easily create some tense moments when people are coming and taking a look at our place. Having to keep things picked up and praying for an offer so we can move out of state. A few of my favorite oils for calming are Stress Away, Harmony.

I bet you have pretty tense moments too in your life. Here are some ideas of where you can easily apply these oils to help you get through your day….

Harmony promotes a positive experience with emotions. You can diffuse or use this amazing oil topically. I like to place 1 drop of Harmony in my diffuser necklace. Just love how it keeps me focused on my days tasks.

Stress Away supports a calming atmosphere when those moments in life come along. Try on the back of your neck or breathe in from your hands. Even mix 4-6 drops in a 4 oz sprayer bottle to use on your pillow at night.

Valor has to be my all time favorite. In fact this oil is now back in our Premium Starter Kits. This oil not only brings an atmosphere of confidence and courage it improves the appearance of shin when applied topically. Whether you are applying topically or adding a few drops in your diffuser, this oils is amazing.

How are you going to use these oils today in your everyday life?

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