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Carol Palmer

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Hi there! My name is Carol Palmer. I am a wife, mom, homeschooling teacher and wellness life changer to individuals and families. My oil journey began May 2014. I kept seeing all types of posts on my social media about the different uses for essential oils. For over 20 years I have been using dried herbs and thought this was something which could be a great addition in supporting our over all wellness. I did some research and found the Seed to Seal explaining what the oil quality was like and then read as much as I could about the company before I made my decision. I took the time to read about Gary Young and the entire process of creating Young Living Essential Oils. I was so amazed by the love and care he had put into the company.

Have you thought about all the chemicals in the personal and household products you purchase from your local store? Would you like to learn more about this?  Are natural choices something you have been looking into? If so, just contact me at the contact button on the above menu bar. I will help you begin kicking those chemicals out that front door!

Have you ever wanted more freedom from debt, and other things that bog your life down? How about more time with your family or travel more? Young Living honestly has the best Residual Income opportunity in the Network Marking business community. Does this spark some interest for you? I would love to help you get more freedom in your life whatever those may be. I am experiencing positive wellness and financial blessings. Talk to you soon!


Feel free to Click Here and download & print them out for yourself.